Beer, Peanuts, and everything else about the Stadium Experience. Except the game.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


  • Nats ------ 1
  • Phillies ---- 6
  • Sold ------- 5 cases beer; 12 soda
The Major League Baseball logo, an elegant silhouette of a batter facing down an approaching ball between flat fields of blue and red, turns 40 today. Good looking, completed in about half an hour by designer Jerry Dior. It has plenty of imitators such as the NBA, which used Jerry West's slim frame as a model:

Golf has also borrowed from the logo:

Baseball's own logo has been parodied:

This one's sorta racist:

Those Riot Grrls at the Women's Flat Track Derby Association have even borrowed the design idea, with girly pink setting off badass black:

And of course, my favorite:

That one comes from the Wrigley Park Vendors; check out their page here. I laugh because their union only negotiated them 8 percent commission, but at least they've set up a good site.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Howard and Kerry

  • Rangers: 4
  • O's: 5
  • Sold: 83 Hotdogs

Howard has an affinity for people, and a soft spot for kids. The other night he befriended a girl in the stands, and spent a bit of time with her and her parents making her laugh during the late innings. He emailed me later about it.

"Some moments are larger than life," he wrote, and attached this photo:

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