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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beer Vendor in Bathroom at FedEx Field!

A day off from the playoffs in Philly, giving me the chance to rest my sore legs, and then I hear about an incriminating video, which has become a minor sensation in the online echo chamber, featured on sports sites and reposted on blogs, commented upon and ridiculed:

There are a few cardinal rules in alcohol vending: don't sell underage, limit is two beers per customer*, stop selling after the 7th inning/3rd quarter....and no selling in the bathroom. Vendors know that pushing product just outside the bathroom is a recommended sales technique, where from my position just outside the out door I consider it completion of a cycle, just as water evaporates to clouds, then condenses to rain and the cycle begins anew. I am the liquid resupplier. But you just can't go in.

This guy -- #252 -- knew better, but the sales are good when there's no competition. I spend as little of my time in there for any reason, and not at all for selling. I worked that same game, but I'm out of a different supply room, and I don't know the guy at all. And I'm #133 at Redskins games anyway, and I look nothing like this guy. Wasn't me.

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