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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Double Pour

  • Nats -- 5
  • O's ---- 3
  • Sold --- 101 bags of peanuts
Two bad teams, one middling game, and a passel of peanuts pitched to patrons, and just another day at the ballpark. Event 114 is in the books. But there are other things to cover.

After having to pour almost 14 cases of beer at the Kenny Chesney concert yesterday, I think now would be a good time to offer a step-by-step guide to mastering a critical time-saver: The Double Pour. Two cans at once, poured from one hand into two cups held by the other. Tricky at first, but a big help once the beerman gets better at it. You'll need two things. First, a church key; also, some beer. In this case, the King of Beers:

Such an iconic label Budweiser sports!

Beer cans fit into the carrier tops up, like this, with a cup holder sticking up from the side:

Slide the pointed end of church key fully under the tab of the first can:

Turn hand over, popping the tab of the beer:

Using the sharp end of the church key, punch a hole across from the mouth of the can. This will provide aeration, allowing that tasty golden fluid to exit with less turbulence and minimal foam:

Don't forget to push the tab of the beer back down; it can also get in the way and foam up the works:

Set beer down and perform this same set of tasks with a second can. Set second can down next to the first, aligning the mouths in parallel:

With right hand, pinch two cups from the top of the stack:

Press bottom cup into bottom of heel of left hand:

Grip bottom cup with left pinkie, pull top cup out and place diagonally across left hand, centered at the base of the left index finger:

With cups in place, back to the beer. Lightly grip both cans, right index finger in the middle, with right hand:

Raise mouths of cans to the lips of the cups. Remember to tilt the cup, so the frothy treat slides calmly down the sides, limiting foam:

Keep pouring.

Almost there. Cups are now upright, and cans turned upside down to get out every last bit of that amber treasure. Don't Short-Pour.

Turn cans over and replace in beer carrier:

Serve. Subtly beg for tips.

My technique has been adapted from that of the great Sun Trick, and learned from obsessive repeat viewings of this video:

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