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Saturday, August 8, 2009


  • Marlins: 4
  • Phillies: 3
  • Sold: Plenty more than my nemesis.
I admit to a competitive streak. What else is going to keep this daily slog from seeming like a chore, an unending grind? So every time I get chumped by my nemesis in Philly, stockroom 205, I want to come back and take it to him. So after laying an egg last night, losing by a full case of product, I decided I wanted to get over two cases more than him. By the end of the night I'd sold a little more than 9 loads. I scanned the page for J.P.'s numbers, and if I read it right, he was at five. A thorough recovery for me, and I walked out of the stadium smiling. What good is having a nemesis if you can't exact revenge on him from time to time?

I was also smiling because I been relating to the audience a whole lot better. Even apart from last night's kerfuffle with the taunting rabble, I'd felt wrung out and withdrawn, not connecting at all. But this time I went in high tempo, and also remembered that it starts with the crowd for me. Project to the back rows, find quippy things to say, even to people who aren't buying your stuff.* Charm them. Add to their fun. Ignore the insult of the forgone tip (mostly). Let them know you're there, and they'll respond. Draw their energy, get into the postive feedback loop of a good night.

*My favorite conversation: I'm calling out for beer sales and my only response is from an eight-year-old kid, peering up to see what I've got. "Excuse me, sir," I said. "You're way too young. I might have to send the police after you!" And he shrugs his shoulders and says with exasperation, "Aww, I was just looking for wadder. Sheesh!" Actually said 'sheesh' like he could have followed up with 'Gee whiz!' or 'Gee willikers!' like he was the Beaver.

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